Plans, Plans, Plans…

So, what are we up to? We have grand plans for the farm! As they say…so much to do, so little time…

Our house came with three acres that are cleared and fifteen wooded acres. It also came with a coop and a blue horse-barn-turned-house. We are starting slow, but I can’t wait until we have it the way we want it!

We currently have chickens in the coop (pictured below) and are in the process of converting the blue-horse-barn-now-house back into a barn (pictured to the right)….for goats! I am SO excited! I have done a lot of research on raising goats and while I can see the load of work in front of me, I can already see the reward! They are cute, playful, and I am looking for to making my own milk, butter, and even soap!

We got eight more chicks at the end of January, and they are now about 9-10 weeks old. We built they’re coop from pallets and are still in the process of finishing it. I am blogging about this already, even though it’s not completely finished!! We will be introducing them to the first flock through a fenced offed run area and will eventually let them congregate together in our large, fenced in area for them.

We also want to get pigs…probably just feeder pigs to begin with but we do want to eventually breed our own for meat and to sell. We plan on building their area with pallets, too. I will definitely be posting about that when as it happens!

I am also increasing the size of my garden dramatically this year. I went from a 24′ x 24′ area to a 40′ x 50′ area this year!!!! I think I’m crazy but I had it planned and drawn out in January and I am already getting ready with a couple of crops in the ground! Please read about it and tell me your thoughts!

BIG, BIG, plans, huh!?! I’m nervous and excited! Of course, some of this has to be done around my husband’s work schedule so time isn’t always on my side…I want it now, but I’ll have to be patient!!!

As always, all comments, suggestions, etc. are welcome and appreciated!

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