My Chicken Saga…

We got our first flock about a year and a half ago. Six chicks is what my husband brought home. Six Rhode Island White chicks to be exact.

We had six, that is, until our dog got ahold of them. Poor babies…and lesson learned.

So, we were down to four, which we raised successfully. And then we realized…one of those chicks was a rooster. We weren’t expecting it, but we rolled with it.

Everything was good, and then we decided to add to our flock. This time four Rhode Island Reds. They were about 10 months old and laying.

It took some time for them to get used to each other but things finally worked out.

And, then, it happened…I saw cuts on my white hens. Where did they come from?

Turns out, Puff Daddy the rooster (lovingly named because he would puff out his feathers) was the culprit. In fact, I saw it with my own eyes. He mounted, then his “feet” slipped, and his claws cut my hens.

Not long before this discovery, Puff Daddy made his first step toward the freezer when we were cleaning the coop one day. My husband went in to get the chickens out so we could give the coop a good once over, and that dang rooster jumped on top of his head…luckily he was wearing a hat.

Needless to say, between the two events, Puff Daddy had sealed his fate.
Yep…chicken dinner…

Life was good again, for a little while. Then my smallest white hen passed on. I’m still not quite sure if it was the Reds picking on her or if something else happened. I was sad. But, we moved on and life was back to normal.

We have since decided to start trying to make some money off our land and animals. With that in mind, we got more chicks and decided to build second a coop from pallets.

Eight chicks is what we ended up with. When I got them, the breeds were mixed together, but I ended up with mostly Black Astralorps and one of which I am unsure of its breed. After some research, I was pleased to see Astralorps are supposed to be excellent producers, so I can’t wait until they start laying!

Never thinking I would ever own chickens or be starting a farm/homestead life, I have truly enjoyed my hens and am excited about our new flock, too!

What kind of experiences have you had with your chickens? Please, share!



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