FOIL?!? In the GARDEN?!?! One Way to Plant Broccoli

So, let’s be honest…my broccoli plants did NOT do well last year. As I’ve explained in my homesteading story, my garden was maybe half as successful as I would have liked it to have been. But, I digress…

Broccoli is a good cool-weather crop, so it helped ease my gardening bug a bit to get it into my garden and planning is everything. So, I have made better plans for my garden this year.

My mother-in-law has been growing broccoli pretty successfully for years now and I am taking a cue from her. So, here’s what I’m doing this year…

I found a spot in my garden that is shaded some in the morning but gets plenty of sun as the day goes on. I tilled (adding in some garden soil and compost) this year, since I moved my garden in hopes of a more bountiful harvest. This also should help with the drainage since our ground can be wet.

Before planting my seedlings, I took them out of their containers and wrapped them with…wait for it…FOIL! Yes, I mean aluminum foil! My mother-in-law does it to help keep these nasty things away…

They’re called cabbage root worms and they will kill your plant.

I pinch the very bottom couple of leaves off of the seedling and wrap a bit of the stem and try to leave a collar at the base to keep these pesky worms from ruining my broccoli harvest. Old Farmer’s Almanac also says you can use cardboard collars to do the same. I like the idea of the foil because it covers some of the stem as well.


I spaced my plants about 18 inches apart and rows about 12 inches apart. I planted three rows of six plants, made a two foot walkway and planted another three rows. Yes, I broke out the measuring tape and even a rope line to try to keep things straight and even…

When planting, it is also a good idea to add compost or manure to each plant. Once my seedlings were planted, I surrounded them with newspaper, three layers thick and straw mulch. This will help keep the ground cool and moist. Here’s how it looked when I was finished…

Once the plant has a good stalk, the foil can be removed.

Happy planting! Let me know how you do your broccoli!

2 thoughts on “FOIL?!? In the GARDEN?!?! One Way to Plant Broccoli

  1. Good idea with the mulch around the broccoli. May I suggest keeping it back away from the plants stems especially while the weather is cool

    1. Great idea! I will definitely do that…I want to add some more compost to it anyway!!! 🙂

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