Spring Cleaning

Spring… to me it means to start anew. For me, I want to do some spring cleaning to revitalize my blog and myself. I spent a long time wondering whether or not to pick back up with my blog or let it go. To be honest, I don’t know how good I am at this but I always like to succeed at what I do, so, I have decided to push myself out of my comfort zone and share more of what’s going on with me and my homestead/hobby farm.

As I have shared before, moving to Pennsylvania from Florida created large amounts of change in my life. I never thought I’d have a large garden and chickens and eventually prepping for other animals like goats and pigs. All of this requires patience, which I don’t have very much of, but have learned to have it because having everything all at once on a homestead is next to impossible. It takes time to build your dream.

An update to my progress is that we have six chickens laying an abundance of eggs and have twelve more that will be laying by June. I decided to start selling eggs, with a couple of days notice until the others are laying, and I took my first step–giving flyers to my neighbors for advertising. Next, I will give flyers to circles of people I know and, finally, when the other hens are in laying mode, I plan to advertise on Craig’s List and Facebook for more business. This is exciting, but scary!

In addition, I planted A LOT of garlic this year (fall 2018)….around 400 plants! I am hoping the garlic does well because, as you can guess, I’d like to start selling it too. Eventually, I’d like to have enough to supply a local restaurant and I am even thinking about selling at the local farmer’s market. Again, exciting, but scary!

My hope is to start having my homestead pay for itself, if not, earn a little extra money. I would love to take the weight a bit off of my husband’s shoulders for income so he is free pursue some of his goals. Of course, part of that is him helping with everything here, as always!

This is my spring cleaning goal for this year and I humbly ask for your support by following me on my blog and sharing in my experiences!

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