A Little About Me…

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We always talked about having a house with some land but never really discussed what we would do with it. His mother is into gardening with three or so large garden areas, but that was never something I saw myself doing.

Well…here I am with my husband and kids, in western Pennsylvania, embarking on a farm life journey. We’ve been here about a year and a half now and I already have the homesteading/farming fever.

As I continue down my new path, my goal with this blog is to share my experiences (good and bad) in the different areas of farming and homesteading. These areas include gardening, livestock, recipes, and DIY. I would also love to here from you about any tips and ideas you have. I will do my best to try them out and write about my experiences with those too!

Thank you for joining me on my adventure! I hope to learn and grow with you on my journey into farming and homesteading.