Farm Life

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Spring is FINALLY underway here in western PA…hope it’s going well for all of you! We have been SO busy but I needed to take the time to update y’all on what’s going on here…

Like I said, lots of projects—to begin, we have a LOT of wood we are processing for our wood burner. It’s like a sea of wood out there and we are drowning in it!

The garden is finally coming along…I had to till this year—hoping to get more into lasagna gardening in the future, but the ground really needed loosened up and I didn’t have the resources for layering this year.

Anyhow, I am hoping for a much better season! I am looking to start planting some of my seeds and plants in the next couple of weeks.

We built a hutch for our bunnies. It’s not 100% finished but they are in there and loving it! I’ll be telling you how we did it!

I have another recipe for you! I hope you try it and enjoy!

Let me know how you’re spring is going!