Are Chickens Scared Of Fireworks? (& What You Can Do)

There’s a reason why people often use the term “chicken” to refer to a coward. After all, it’s no secret that sudden movements or noise easily scare chickens.

It’s because of this that some chicken owners start to get second thoughts about setting fireworks off around their flock – and for good reason!

Fireworks tend to be startling to most animals. The loud noise and explosion of colors can be quite alarming. 

So how do chickens cope with fireworks?

Here’s whether chickens are scared of fireworks, how chickens react to fireworks and related stress, and what precautions you can take to protect the wellbeing of your flock if you’re setting off fireworks.

Are Chickens Scared Of Fireworks?

Fireworks make loud noises that can scare pretty much any animal. They’re even capable of scaring humans.

It’s easy to imagine how scary and confusing it must be for any type of small animal, especially one that’s naturally cautious like a chicken.

So, it should come as no surprise that chickens are indeed scared of fireworks. The combination of loud unexpected noise and bright expanding colors ticks all the boxes of what a chicken is afraid of.

Depending on how close and large the fireworks are and whether your chickens can see or just hear them, your chickens may simply be startled for a moment, or they could experience more drawn-out stress symptoms.

How Do Chickens React To Fireworks

Not all chickens have the same reaction to fireworks, that’s for sure.

But, in my experience, most chickens tend quickly dart somewhere safe if they hear or see fireworks.

However, if your chickens can’t identify the source of the frightening sound they may stay in a state of panic. If this goes on long enough they may even show more long-term effects of stress which can last for hours or days.

Following a stressful event like a predator attack or even close fireworks, chickens may prefer to stay in hiding, become more cautious overall, and in extreme cases, stop laying eggs or forgo eating as much.

This stress will eventually pass, and some chickens seem hardly phased at all.

At least most of the time you light fireworks it’s already night time and your chickens have put themselves to bed in their coop, where they feel safe.

What To Do With Chicken if You’re Going To Set Off Fireworks?

First and foremost, it’s essential to set off the fireworks as far as possible from your chickens and coop. While the sound can still reach them, it’s not as scary when it’s distant or dampened.

Before you set any fireworks off you should ensure all members of your flock are safely and securely locked inside their coop. 

Believe me, you don’t want your chickens running all over your property while fireworks are going off, for their sake AND yours!

Sudden bright lights and flashes can also cause alarm in your chickens. Therefore, you can try to light-proof your coop by covering any openings or windows temporarily.

If possible, you can also move your chickens into a more secure and soundproof place, like indoors or in a garage temporarily. The more dampened the sound is the more likely your chickens won’t take notice!

Finally, if you’re really concerned for the welfare of your chickens you can try to play some loud, but calming music to mask the sound of the fireworks.

That’s It!

It almost comes as no surprise that chickens are scared of fireworks. Any kind of sudden loud noise tends to get them on edge, plus the flashing lights don’t help!

Luckily, if you take the right precautions and ensure your chickens are safely secure in their coop, fireworks shouldn’t cause any long-term stress in your chooks.

Even though it’s possible that some of your chickens will calmly snooze through the fireworks, it’s best to take the necessary steps to maintain the well-being of your flock!

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