Are There Albino Chickens? (With Real Pictures!)

There are two reasons you would be here with me right now.

Either you’re convinced you’ve got yourself an Albino chicken, or you’re simply curious to see if there’s really such a thing – or both!

Everyone’s accustomed to seeing a white chicken, but here we uncover whether there is such a thing as albino chickens, how they are different from other white chicken breeds, and why they are so rare.

Albino chicken: myth or legend? Let’s find out.

Are There Albino Chickens?

Let’s cut straight to do it, shall we?

Albino chickens are so rare that it’s hardly documented, and some people still doubt they actually exist.

However, there are albino chickens. They are just exceptionally rare. 

The proof? Here it is:

These pictures were sent to us by a member of our chicken-loving community — who hatched this albino chick themselves! Thanks, Elly!

As to why they are so rare, Albinism is a condition where the body is devoid of melanin. Melanin is a pigment that gives skin its various tones.

So, although chickens normally have yellow or orange colored feet and beaks, an albino chicken has white beaks and feet. Further to this, their combs are much paler, although usually not completely white. They also have reddish pinkish eyes!

Of course, all their feathers are white too – but that doesn’t mean they have to be a white chicken breed, like leghorns. Albinism can affect any chicken breed, it’s just extremely rare.

Why Are Albino Chickens So Rare?

So why are Albino chickens so rare? And when we say rare we mean REALLY rare. So rare it’s even hard to find a verified recorded case and pictures of said albino chickens.

Well, that’s because the gene responsible for albinism is extremely rare AND it’s recessive.

This means the only way for an albino chicken to ever exist is if its parents BOTH carried the albino gene – and even then it’s still rare for the offspring to receive and present as an albino.

It’s equally as rare for other animals, even humans, to be albino too. It works in the same way!

White Chicken Breeds Are Not Albino!

Many people are convinced they’ve got themselves an albino chicken. Especially when they hatch their own chickens and they know the parents weren’t white!

But, just because you’ve found yourself a white chicken doesn’t mean it’s albino, and the chances are it’s simply a white chicken!

It’s an easy mistake to make, given white chicken breeds and albino chickens share the same plumage colors, but just because a chicken is fully white, doesn’t mean it’s albino! 

Difference Between Albino And White Chicken Breeds

If you think you might have an albino chicken or are simply curious, here are the main physical differences between albino chickens and normal white chickens. 

  • Eye Color: An undeniable difference is in eye color. Albino chickens will have reddish pink eyes, normal white chickens will not.
  • Comb Color: The combs and wattles of albino chickens also lack melanin and so are very pale pink in comparison to normal white chickens’ bright red.
  • Feet, Legs, & Beak: In albino chickens, all the main unfeathered features of a chook: the feet, legs, and beak, will be pale pink or white. Other white chickens normally have yellow or dark green legs.

So, although they may share the same white feathers, the eyes, comb, and other features make albino chickens appear different from any normal white chicken.


Yes, there ARE albino chickens, but they are INCREDIBLY rare. 

So, if you’re thinking you’ve got yourself an albino chicken, well, it’s more likely your chicken is simply white in color!

Albino chickens have pinkish-red eyes and are completely pale and white from their feet to their comb.

If you think you’ve got yourself an albino chicken, please share it with us here, we would love to see it!

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