Can Khaki Campbell Ducks Fly (& How High!)

Let me guess, you’ve fallen in love with Khaki Campbell ducks and have adopted some of your own or are seriously considering it.

First of all, great choice. These amazing ducks make for the perfect backyard companions. 

But, one crucial step to owning any backyard poultry is ensuring your property is fit and ready to house them!

Due to their overall size and weight, it’s a fair assumption to make thinking that Khaki Campbell ducks can fly. This thought can be troublesome for those that have low fences or open properties.

To squash all your concerns, here’s whether Khaki Campbell ducks can fly, how high they can fly, and whether they will try to fly over a fence or escape your property!

Can Khaki Campbell Ducks Fly?

Whether ducks can fly is a highly debated topic. Mainly because some breeds of wild ducks are fully capable of flying long or short distances, and certainly higher than a fence!

But what about Khaki Campbell ducks, can they fly? 

Well, it depends on what you mean by flying. Jumping and flapping their wings to glide short distances, certainly. Taking flight and soaring high in the sky, I don’t think so.

You see, there are some domesticated ducks that can’t fly at all as they are simply too heavy for flight. Weighing up to about 10 pounds these ducks are often raised as meat birds.

However, Khaki Campbell ducks are much lighter, with the males weighing in at about five pounds and females at four pounds. This difference allows them to jump and flap their wings to some degree of success.

So, Khaki Campbell ducks are capable of flying! But, only short distances, not very high off the ground, and usually only for good reason!

How High Can Khaki Campbell Ducks Fly?

So, if these adorable feathery friends are capable of short bursts of flight, just how high can they actually fly?

Well, because they are relatively small and light in weight, Khaki Campbell ducks are generally capable of jumping and flying up to 4 feet high. However, they will usually only take flight if they get scared, or are trying to escape from potential predators.

There are very rare reports of Khaki Campbells being capable of flying above 6 feet, and for some significant distances. But, these are outliers, and normally Khaki Campbell ducks don’t fly at all, or just enough to flap their wings to get off the ground.

Very similar to how light chickens can fly short distances.

Will Khaki Campbell Ducks Fly Over The Fence?

So, although you can’t fight the thoughts that your new ducks may get up and fly over your fence, there’s no need to worry.

Khaki Campbell ducks are well domesticated, and aren’t in the business of flying!

So long as you have some kind of enclosure, your ducks will be more than happy staying in the confines of your property.

If you have low, 2-4 feet fences, then it is entirely possible your ducks can jump on top, but it’s unlikely.

If you have any fences taller than 4-6 feet then it’ll be near impossible for Khaki Campbell ducks to traverse them!

Do You Have To Clip Khaki Campbell Duck’s Wings?

Really, since Khaki Campbell ducks aren’t so good at flying anyway, clipping their wings is simply not necessary in most cases.

Some breeders will suggest you clip their wing feathers when they grow their first lot of adult feathers, from about 6-8 weeks old. This is said to inhibit their ability to learn to fly. This is because they will try to fly at a young age, be unsuccessful, and will stop trying.

I must admit though, this simply isn’t needed, and should only be done if you have extenuating circumstances for keeping your ducks on the ground!

However, you should trim and clip your ducks nails if you notice they are getting out of hand. Long or bent nails can cause pain and discomfort for your ducks!

Do Khaki Campbell Ducks Make Good Pets?

So, is the Khaki Campbell going to suit you?

Well, if you were ever thinking of raising backyard ducks as pets, Khaki Campbell is about as good as you’ll get!

Sure, they are a little smaller and can be quite reserved at times. But, they’re kind, sweet, and quiet (or as quiet as they come)!

Here’s a quick comparison outlining the benefits and downsides of Khaki Campbell ducks compared to other domestic breeds.

Benefits Of Raising Khaki Campbell Ducks

  • They’re considered small and light weight ducks, making them suitable for even smaller backyards.
  • They breed very well, should you want to breed them of course! If not, make sure you find out if you have male or female Khaki Campbell ducks, as any drakes in the group will certain lean to more ducks!
  • They’re great at foraging for food, and they aren’t very picky. These ducks will be on the hunt for seeds, berries, bugs, snails, even mice!
  • Khaki Campbell ducks are popular as they lay a lot of eggs for a duck, as much as some chicken breeds even, up to about 170 per year.
  • Although they are considered a light duck, they can’t free-fly. They can however, jump, flap, and glide.

Downsides Of Raising Khaki Campbell Ducks

  • Khaki Campbell ducks are beautiful creatures, but they are more on the cautious side compared to Pekin ducks or others.  This just means it takes a bit more care and trust to bond with them. It also helps if you’ve hand-reared them and they’ve imprinted on humans.
  • Because of their small size, they are not popular for those raising them for meat! But, for those that are looking for a backyard companion, they are perfect!

Final Thoughts

So, if you’re worried about your Khaki Campbell ducks flying away, you shouldn’t be!

These amazing creatures are highly domesticated and have lost their ability of free flight long ago.

Still, Khaki Campbell ducks are capable of jumping and flapping their wings, flying up to about 4 feet tall if they need to.

But, this is a rare occurrence and is usually only as a fear reaction if they get a fright or are trying to escape a potential predator!

Normally they are very timid and docile backyard companions, which lay great quality, delicious duck eggs too!

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