Easter Egger Chickens – Egg Laying & Care Guide

The wonders of the Easter Eggers’ beautiful colorful eggs are well known, but what about their overall egg-laying capabilities?

Sure, collecting these stunning eggs is one thing, but there’s so much more you should know about an Easter Egger chicken’s egg laying to be sure it’s a right fit for you and to best take care of them!

So, whether you’re already raising your own Easter Eggers, are thinking about raising them, or you’re simply curious, here’s everything you need to know about an Easter Eggers egg laying characteristics and capabilities – drawing from my experience raising these absolute beauties!

Easter Eggers Egg Characteristics Summary 

Although Easter Eggers aren’t capable of laying rapid and consistent eggs daily, they can sure hold their own and still pay their rent in gorgeously colored eggs.

You can expect Easter Eggers to lay 4 eggs per week on average, laying between 160 – 200 eggs per year.

Their eggs are large but certainly aren’t jumbo.

However, the most amazing quality which makes them highly sought after for backyard chicken owners is their incredible light blue or light green color eggs!

This quality alone makes up for any shortfalls in their egg production. But it’s good to know they still lay a good amount of delicious and nutritious eggs!

Do All Easter Eggers Lay Blue Eggs?

Easter Eggers aren’t a specific breed of chicken. Instead, the term “Easter Egger” is used to describe any offspring of chicken that comes from Araucana or Ameraucana chickens.

Both Araucana and Ameraucana chickens carry the highly sought-after egg-laying gene that causes these famously blue or light green eggs!

So, if an Easter Egger chicken carries these colored egg genes, it’s highly likely they will be laying these same beautifully colored eggs.

However, depending on what other parent breed they have been bred with, Easter Eggers can actually lay a variety of different egg colors, from blue, green, white, tan, or even pink eggs!

But, an Easter Egger will only lay one certain colored egg throughout their lives, whichever color it may be!

When Do Easter Eggers Start Laying?

The anticipation of a chicken’s first egg is one of the most exciting periods of any chicken owner’s journey. Especially when you’re eager to see your first blue or green egg!

The good news is Easter Eggers mature at a pretty standard pace, so you won’t need to be waiting months and months extra.

Easter Eggers normally start laying eggs from the age of 20 to 25 weeks old, but it can vary from chicken to chicken.

To help your Easter Eggers start laying be sure they are:

  1. Having enough protein in their diets (16-18%).
  2. Have enough suitable nesting boxes.
  3. Are raised in a non-stressful environment.

Of course, only the hens will lay eggs, so if it seems like you’ve been waiting for ages for your first egg – be sure you don’t have an Easter Egger rooster!

How Many Eggs Do Easter Eggers Lay Per Year?

Of course, any question on a chicken owner’s mind is how many eggs they’re going to be getting per hen.

Easter Eggers aren’t known for their production, like ISA Brown, or other production hybrids.

But still, Easter Eggers aren’t slackers!

You can expect Easter Eggers to lay around three to five eggs per week, averaging around 200 eggs per year.

This accounts for any times your chooks go broody, begin their molting cycle, and through the slower egg production months of winter.

When Do Easter Eggers Stop Laying Eggs?

Generally, chickens don’t stop laying eggs once they reach a certain age. Instead, their egg production slows down over the years until they eventually stop laying eggs altogether. This cycle varies from chicken to chicken and breed to breed.

Unlike some other high-production breeds that slow their laying after only a few years, Easter Egger hens will lay consistently for up to about four to five years old before production gradually starts to decline.

However, you can sustain a chicken’s egg production for as long as possible by ensuring they are continually eating enough protein and calcium, are remaining fit and healthy, and are raised in a stress-free environment.

Do Easter Eggers Lay Through Winter?

Although Easter Eggers are considered to be cold-hardy, they do unfortunately slow down their egg production over winter.

To help counteract this slow in egg production, ensure you’re feeding your chooks extra protein and fat to help them stay warm and ensure your coop is well equipped to handle the cold.

I feed my chooks extra scrambled eggs or even pork fat during winter to help them maintain enough protein and energy to keep themselves warm!

You might find your Easter Eggers take a short hiatus of a few weeks between egg laying in the winter, but this will help them lay as consistently as possible during these colder, harsher winter months.

Quick Recap

That’s it, folks. Although the popularity of Easter Eggers comes from their gloriously beautiful colored eggs, there’s much more to them than just this!

In fact, Easter Eggers are great egg layers because:

  1. They will start laying eggs from as young as 20 weeks old.
  2. They lay a reliable 200 large-sized eggs per year, averaging 4 per week.
  3. They can lay incredible blue, green, or even pink-colored eggs.

As if you needed any more reasons to love these incredible chooks!

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