All About Australorp Chickens Egg Laying

Sometimes referred to as the Australian version of the English Black Orpington, Australorps are one of the hottest chickens out at the moment.

These multi-purpose birds exceed all expectations as backyard companions, both for their meat and their eggs!

But how do Australorps measure up against other common chicken breeds?

Here we take a look at the Australorps egg laying capabilities, when Australorps start laying eggs, and how to help Australrops lay all year round.

Australorp Egg Characteristics

Although Australorp chickens aren’t specifically bred for their egg production, like some others, they do hold their own when it comes to egg laying.

Australorps can lay four to five eggs a week in a normal free-range or backyard setting, pretty consistently throughout the year. They do take breaks every now and then, especially if they’re molting.

Still, Australorps will generally lay about 200 – 250 eggs per year.

Australorps eggs are medium- to large-sized, with colors ranging between light brown, brown and dark browning depending on the type of Australorp.

Even Australorp bantams are good egg layers, laying up to 180 eggs per year!

Considering Australorps were originally bred for their meat, their egg production is quite impressive. That’s why they are such a great multi-purpose breed!

When Do Australorp Chickens Start Laying Eggs?

One of the greatest feelings a chicken owner can have is finding their chicken’s first eggs!

In the case of Australorps, you won’t need to wait long. 

The point of lay for Australorps is generally between 5-6 months, depending on the raising conditions of your chooks.

However, don’t be impatient! Some Australorps may take an extra month or two to get their act together, and some may start laying from as early as 16 weeks old!

How Many Eggs Do Australorp Chickens Lay Per Year?

As soon as Australorp hens reach their point of lay they will start laying eggs regularly.

Normally, just like most breeds of chickens, this comes in cycles. An Australorp may lay for 10-15 consecutive days in a row, every 24 hours, then go on a short, broody hiatus. 

Overall, you can expect to get between 200-250 eggs from each of your Australorp hens per year, averaging out at about 4-5 eggs per week.

In commercial settings, Australorps can lay up to 300 eggs per year or more, and the Australorp breed holds the record for the most number of eggs laid in a year, which was a total of 364 in 365 days!

When Do Australorp Chickens Stop Laying Eggs?

So we know just how reliable an Australorp hen’s egg production can be, but just how long does it last?

Most chicken breeds produce eggs for 3 – 4 years, but toward the latter years or thereafter the egg production certainly slows.

Australorps tend to stop laying eggs from about 5 years old, which means they roughly have about 4 and half years of egg production in them.

Who can blame them, right?

After all that egg laying those hens deserve a break!

Are Australorp Chickens Broody?

When we say chickens are broody, we are referring to the natural instinct hens get to cease laying eggs and forgo their normal routines to sit and squat over their eggs.

This is driven by a hen’s hormones and is nature’s way of encouraging them to sit and hatch their eggs.

The trouble is, a hen can go broody even if the eggs haven’t actually been fertilized. They’ll even go broody when there are no eggs to sit on too!

The good news is, Australorp chickens are much less broody than their Orpington ancestors, which makes them very attractive to commercial egg farmers.

Still, Australorp hens’ will still go broody on occasion, but it’s generally not as bad as other broody breeds like Silkies for example! 

Do Australorps Lay Through Winter?

The reason people care so much about their chickens being cold-hardy is that hens have a tendency to slow their egg production during winter or in colder climates.

Thankfully Australorps are known to be very cold-hardy, perhaps because of their large size and thick puffy feathers.

Because of this Australorps will lay eggs all year round!

Still, to encourage them to keep up their egg production in winter, make sure you feed them enough protein and fat and ensure their coop is well insulated.

How To Help Australorps Egg Production

The simple truth behind maximizing a chicken’s egg production is to optimize its living conditions. 

Australorps are no different than other chicken breeds in this respect. 

In order to help your Australorps maintain optimal levels of egg production you should:

  1. Always ensure they have at least 16-18% protein in their daily diets.
  2. Feed your flock supplements of extra calcium for healthy egg-shell formation. Scrambled eggs or oyster shells go perfectly here.
  3. Make sure you have enough nesting boxes in the coop!
  4. Help your chickens get their daily dose of direct sunlight, helping their body clocks remain consistent.

These tips will help you Australorps reach their optimal level of egg production, without pushing them and seeing any negative side effects! 

After all, a healthy chicken is a happy chicken.

Quick Summary

So there you have it. That’s exactly why Australorps are considered amongst the best and most reliable layers out there.

Australorps are considered prolific layers because:

  1. From as young as 5-6 months old they will start to lay their eggs regularly.
  2. They typically lay between 200-250 medium-large sized eggs per year.
  3. They’ll lay for a good time period too! You can expect a good amount of eggs until they retire at about 5 years old!

No wonder Australorps are so popular, at least for those that can get their hands on them!


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