Cinnamon Queen Vs. Golden Comet Chickens (What’s The Difference?)

Cinnamon Queen and Golden Comet chickens are some of the most popular hybrid breeds. As well as ISA Brown these hybrid chickens are among the best egg layers you can find in a backyard chicken.

But, as any Cinnamon Queen or Golden Comet owner will tell you, they are so much more amazing than just their laying ability. They both have wonderful temperaments, are easy-going, and make for perfect, productive backyard chickens.

Amongst all their similarities they are of course different, so if you are weighing up the options you’ve come to the right place.

Here we go through the advantages and differences of each Cinnamon Queen chicken and Golden Comet chicken.

Cinnamon Queen Vs. Golden Comet

There are so many similarities between Cinnamon Queen chickens and Golden Comet chickens, from egg-laying abilities to temperament, even to their physical appearance.

This is most likely because it’s thought that they are both raised from Rhode Island Red males, but mixed with two different female chicken breeds. 

But, aside from all their similarities, they do have some slight differences in physical appearance too, with Golden Comet’s being slightly smaller, and Cinnamon Queen’s more often having some white feathers amongst its a rich brown, due to its mother being a Rhode Island White.

When it comes to which chicken is better, it all depends on which ones you prefer the look of really, as they are so similar in their other traits – you could always get both, right?

Both Are Hybrid Chickens

Both Cinnamon Queen chickens and Golden Comet chickens are known as hybrid chickens, just like ISA Brown, Easter Eggers, Speckled Rangers, and more.

A hybrid chicken simply means a genetic cross between two chicken breeds, for the purpose of creating chickens with specific qualities. Most of the time it’s to enhance egg production and desired temperament but is also used for creating broiler chickens, or meat chickens, for commercial or backyard farming.

Unfortunately, if you try to breed two of the same hybrid chickens you won’t end up with a peep of chicks from the hybrid, but instead, you’ll get one of the parent breeds.

Nonetheless, a hybrid chicken is no less of an amazing addition to any backyard flock, as they are just as caring, endearing, and beautiful creatures.


It’s said that Cinnamon Queens is a hybrid between a Rhode Island Red rooster and a Rhode Island White hen. Breeders created and tested this hybrid for its early egg-laying ability and consistent egg production.

Golden Comets are a hybrid too, also bred from a Rhode Island Red rooster, but instead with a White Leghorn. Although they are very similar in egg-laying abilities and appearance.

Physical Features

The physical features of a Cinnamon Queen and Golden Comet are strikingly similar, as both male parents are a Rhode Island Red.

You can identify whether a Cinnamon Queen chick is male or female simply by their color. Females are usually brown, with a little red and some white tail feathers. Males are typically white, with only some brown feathers.

Similarly, Golden Comet male and female chicks can be identified by their colors. With females being brown with a few white feathers, and males typically having much more white feathers.

Mature Cinnamon Queen chickens are a little bit larger and heavier, weighing in at between 5-7 pounds for a hen, whereas Golden Comets weigh in at between 4-6 pounds for a hen.

If you have limited space in the coop, you may want to consider Golden Comets as they are a touch smaller.

Egg Production

Both Cinnamon Queens and Golden Comets were created with the sole purpose in mind for their egg production. Cinnamon Queens are capable of laying around 300 eggs a year safely, starting their laying from about 16-18 weeks of age – which is relatively young for a laying hen.

Similarly, Golden Comets are very capable of egg production. From 16 weeks of age, they will start laying and lay around 300-330 eggs in the first two years. However, Golden Comets do often slow down their production after two years, but will still lay much more regularly than other hybrids such as Red Rangers.


Continuing the trend of similarities, both Cinnamon Queen chickens and Golden Comet chickens have one of the best temperaments for a backyard chicken. Being smart, docile, and as friendly as they come.

This makes them perfect if you have a young family or have children around, as there is very little risk of aggression.

Both of these chickens are really wonderful companions.

Final Face-Off

When comparing Cinnamon Queen vs. Golden Comet, you’ll undoubtedly see many similarities between them. 

This is because they are so similar in how they are bred, being both from the same male, the Rhode Island Red.

Nonetheless, they are recognized as different hybrids and have slightly different appearances and traits.

If you’re looking for egg production, Golden Comets will outlay a Cinnamon Queen, but only by up to 30 eggs a year. Golden Comets will often slow their pace much earlier than a Cinnamon Queen does too.

However, the differences are minimal, and both of them make equally amazing backyard chickens. The choice is yours.

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