Roosters That Don’t Crow (Quietest Roosters To Raise)

For roosters, crowing is as natural as breathing. They’re real Casanovas who are very vocal about protecting their girls—as well as other things…

But are there actually roosters that don’t crow? –or are we all just dreaming about it!?

Here’s whether there are certain roosters that don’t crow, how loud a roosters crow really is, and the top 5 quietest rooster breeds out there.

Are There Certain Roosters That Do Not Crow? 

Here’s a fact: 

All rooster breeds crow. Love it or hate it, they’ll sing the pre-sunrise “cock-a-doodle-doo” to mark the start of a new day. 

They crow throughout the day and into the night too, for a variety of reasons—not just before the break of dawn.

Sure, some people may hit the jackpot and end up with a rooster that does not crow, but this is an anomaly!

How Loud Is A Rooster’s Crow?

There’s a reason some cities are no-fly zones for roosters. A rooster’s crow can reach 143 decibels, which is the same intensity as a jet at takeoff. 

It’s no wonder the ear-splitting crow of a rooster can damage your hearing if you stand too close. 

You might’ve wondered why it is that roosters themselves don’t turn themselves deaf.

Two things happen when a crowing rooster opens his beak. First, a part of his auditory canal closes off. Second, soft tissues cover half of his eardrum. 

Therefore, a rooster doesn’t hear his crow at max volume. They probably don’t even know they are being annoying. 

Top 5 Quietest Rooster Breeds

Even if it’s legal to own a rooster in your area, you may be hesitant to raise one for your own AND your neighbor’s sake!

Luckily not all rooster breeds have the capability of waking up the whole neighborhood. 

Of course, there is no guarantee that any rooster will be quiet, so much depends on their individual traits and personality.

However, there are a few rooster breeds that have a higher tendency to possess a much softer, quieter crow.

Here are the top 5 quietest rooster breeds out there, generally obtainable in the U.S.A and worldwide. 

1. Orpington

Orpingtons are brilliant dual-purpose chickens with broad, fluffy bodies and short tails. They’re a favorite among backyard chicken raisers because of their calm and friendly temperament.

Because of their personality, they often rank lower on the rooster’s social ladder. Being at the bottom, they crow less frequently and mate less frequently.

Orpington roosters can crow, and crow loudly, but overall they are known to be one of the quieter roos. 

2. Australorp

Australorp roosters are a heavy breed, weighing about 6–8 lbs at maturity. Their glossy black plumage features a purplish-green sheen that reflects the sunlight beautifully. 

You would think due to their size that they would have a loud crow. But, because of their gentle, quiet, and shy nature – they tend to keep things on the down low!

3. Cochin

Cochins are giant balls of fluff, with feathered legs and heart-shaped side profiles. Not only are they portly, gorgeous birds, but they’re also pretty mellow and partial to cuddles.

These gentle giants are perfect backyard pets—they love nothing more than being home.

Cochin roosters are known to be calmer than other breeds, and have a much quieter crow than you would expect!

4. Salmon Faverolle 

Salmon Faverolle roosters sport white neck feathers and black beards, breasts, and undercarriages. Their wings have golden bows and white triangular tips. 

These five-toed French gentlemen are sweet, calm, and non-aggressive. They tend to rank much lower on the pecking order, and Salmon Faverolle roosters can sometimes even rank lower than a lead hen which seems against nature itself!

Faverolles seem to be a favorite amongst those wanting a quieter farm.

5. Silkies

I’ve had Silkie roosters in the past that have been as loud and proud as can be.

But, the vast majority of the Silkie roosters I’ve raised have been much, MUCH quieter than your standard breed of chicken.

Sure, some of this comes from the fact that they are a bantam breed. But, some of their quietness can be attributed to their more gentle and timid nature too!

Quick Summary

Crow-less roosters simply don’t exist. It’s part of a rooster’s DNA to crow because it’s how he communicates with his flock, rivals, and outsiders.

Luckily, not all roosters crow at the same volume. Although much of a roosters crow can be determined by genetics, traits, and personality, there are some breeds that have a stronger tendency to remain on the quieter side than others!

If you’re wanting to raise a rooster within your flock but are put off by the potentially loud and obnoxious crowing, then your best bet is to choose a chicken breed that’s roosters have a stronger tendency to remain quiet!

Happy farming everyone!

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